6 Common Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery

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Managing glasses or contact lenses everyday is a big hassle for most of us. But what if you do not need them anymore? Yes, it is very well possible by one of the most popular eye surgeries nowadays called LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery. It is a procedure where the cornea is reshaped to restore normal vision. LASIK eye surgery gives tremendous outcomes when performed under the right hands and with the right technology.

1. How does LASIK surgery improve and restore your vision?

 LASIK eye surgery is done to correct refractive errors like Myopia, Hypermetropia, or Astigmatism, where the light is not correctly directed towards the retina which results in blurred vision.  In this surgery, a cutting laser very precisely changes the shape of the cornea (dome-shaped tissue in front of the eye.) resulting in bending light correctly onto the retina, thus restoring and improving your vision even without glasses /contact lenses. It reaps several benefits like:

  • It corrects your vision drastically.
  • It is a completely painless procedure.
  • Immediate results are achieved and normal activities can be resumed from the very next day, of course with some precautions.
  • It is cost-effective in the long run, as it reduces the use of eyewear and visit to ophthalmologists to a great extent.
  • It will improve your self-confidence and make you feel more active and comfortable.
  • You can engage in different sports activities without worrying about knocking off glasses.
  • Allergies by contact lenses like itching or watery eyes can be avoided by LASIK eye surgery.
  • Even if vision changes with age later, the doctor can adjust it.


2. Who is an Ideal Candidate for LASIK surgery?

Are you wondering if you can get the LASIK eye surgery done? Some keys which help you know if you are a good candidate are:

  • If you are an adult and over 18 years of age: As the eyesight keeps on changing until you are an adult.
  • If your eye power has been stabilized: stable eyesight is essential before having the surgery, else your vision might change post-surgery. Usually, doctors recommend that the eyesight need to be stable at least 6 months before the surgery.
  • If you have overall good health: Certain diseases like diabetes, some autoimmune diseases like arthritis, or eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, or dry eyes.
  • If you do not have very high power: LASIK eye surgery can correct power up to a certain limit,so very high power may not be corrected by this.
  • If you have a normal cornea: Since the cornea needs to be reshaped, it should be normal and of adequate thickness, else it can get weaken during reshaping.
  • Have clarity about the risks associated and have realistic expectations.
  • The Cost aspect is clear.

 A detailed and thorough doctor consultation, examination, and assessment are very important to decide on your surgery.

3. What does LASIK Surgery involve?

The LASIK surgery procedure basically involves two steps:

  • Making a flap on the cornea by an instrument.
  • Reshaping of the cornea with an excimer laser by removing tissue from the middle layer.

Usually takes around 15-20 minutes, but laser usage is just for a few seconds. Steps of the procedure involve:

  • Anesthetic drops are put to numb your eyes.
  • After you are relaxed and comfortable, and eyelid retractor is used to keep your eyelids open and the flap-making instrument is kept in position.
  • The doctor will ask you to look at the fixation light and will electronically activate the precision instrument, which will cut a corneal flap, revealing the middle layer of the cornea.
  • Then the cornea is reshaped by an excimer laser depending upon what error needs to be corrected.
  • After reshaping, the corneal flap is repositioned, and held in place by natural forces, until healing is complete.

LASIK eye surgery has an extremely quick recovery. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and be very regular with your follow-up visits to improve your vision.

4. Is LASIK eye surgery painful?

Fortunately, the LASIK surgery is not at all painful. The numbing solution dropped in your eyes helps to make your procedure completely painless and comfortable. Sometimes you may feel slight itching, burning, or watery eyes post-surgery, but this will resolve within a day or two.

5. What are the risks associated with LASIK surgery?

Although it is a very safe procedure, like all other surgeries, some risks with LASIK eye surgery may still be there:

  • Dry Eyes: There may be a temporary reduction in the formation of tears which may lead to dryness of the eyes. Lubricating drops are recommended.
  • Under corrections: Removal of lesser tissues may not result in clear vision and might require another surgery (Enhancement). 
  • Over Corrections: removal of excess tissues results in blurred vision and is difficult to correct, but it is rare.
  • Double vision, halos, and glare: Night vision may be compromised; glare, halos, and double vision may result around bright lights. Usually, this resolves within a few weeks.
  • Problems with the flap: Complications of infection and excess tears may occur and the outer layer of the cornea may abnormally grow under the flap.
  • Astigmatism: This may be caused by uneven tissue removal requiring additional surgery, spectacles, or contact lenses.
  • Regression: Your vision problem may relapse some years post-surgery, although it is not very common.
  • Loss of vision: This is a very rare complication

6. How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

To most of us, LASIK surgery cost seems to be a steep one, but considering the cost to benefits ratio and the advantages, in the long run, it will come out to be affordable. LASIK eye surgery will reduce your ophthalmologist’s visit fees drastically and the cost of glasses and lenses will be nil for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, the cost of LASIK surgery will vary depending upon your condition of eyes, type of procedure, surgeon’s experience and qualifications, type of equipment used, etc.


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