What is the difference between lasik and contoura vision?

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A high number of study data have significantly addressed the effect of environmental pollution on the ocular surface. Any form of impact to our eye ultimately compromises our ability to see. 

Though our eyes have inbuilt ability to protect themselves, there are defects on the micro-structure of the eye, such as the complex conditions that affect the curvature of cornea or the eyeball. They need professional treatment from experienced eye surgeons to fix the curvature and improve your vision. 

The most common or widely performed treatment to correct vision problems is the lasik eye surgery. However, advanced forms of lasik surgery, such as the contoura lasik surgery is technically optimised for a more individualised treatment. 

Both Lasik and contoura vision treatments deals with the following vision problems: 

  • Nearsightedness (myopia): A condition where it is difficult to see distant objects due to the sharp curvature of the cornea or a slightly longer eyeball. 
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia): A condition where the nearby objects are blurred as light gets focussed behind the retina owing to a shorter eyeball or flattened cornea. 
  • Astigmatism: This condition affects both near and distant vision as the cornea flattens or curves unevenly. 

In this article, we will dwell into an advanced form of lasik surgery and contoura vision surgery that has proven beneficial to many and know the difference between them.

1. What is Contoura Vision Eye Surgery? 

Many times the effect of uneven curvature of cornea is corrected through lens and glasses. However, many opt to get rid of their glasses by undergoing laser surgery that precisely removes a tiny amount of corneal tissue to correct the refraction of light for a more focussed vision. Contoura lasik surgery is a type of laser surgery where an uneven cornea is shaped to focus light precisely on the retina and improve vision. It is an advanced form of laser surgery which has many technological capabilities in mapping the cornea for better surgical outcome.

As topography and microstructure of the eye is unique to a person, not all patients come with a single defect in the cornea and hence, the treatment should be tailored to the needs of the patient. Contoura vision surgery does exactly this by taking into account the minute imperfections of corneal curvature mediated through the use of automated corneal topography or corneal curvature map of the eye. This is much more precise than the details obtained through prescription glasses or lenses. 

Contoura vision surgery cost in India varies with the expertise and infrastructure of the hospital. The estimated contoura vision cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 1,15,000 for its treatment. The higher contoura vision cost in India is due to the added safety and improved visual outcome involved in the treatment.

2. What is Lasik Eye Surgery? 

The vision problems can be corrected through eyeglasses or contact lenses that refracts light and position it correctly on the retina and turn the previously blurred image into a clear one. Lasik eye surgery, on the other hand, works by reshaping your cornea so that light focuses on the focal point of the retina for a better vision. Lasik eye surgery is a safe and pain-free simple procedure where the patient’s vision is stabilised within 24 hours of surgery. Initially a cut is made on the corneal flap using a mechanical surgical tool to expose the inner cornea (called stroma). This is followed by reshaping the cornea by removing a microscopic amount of tissue using an excimer laser. 

The corneal topographer will precisely mark the shape of your cornea and adjust the excimer laser as per your prescription. In lasik treatment, the corneal mapping takes into account 200 points. More points are taken into account in the case of contoura vision surgery.  

Based on the technicality and treatment plan, the lasik eye surgery cost in Delhi varies in the range between Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 90,000. 


3. What Is the Difference Between Contoura Surgery and Lasik Vision Surgery? 

Both contoura vision surgery and lasik surgery differs with the technical advancements and personalised treatment methodology. The difference in both the treatment procedures can be highlighted with the following points:

  • Contoura vision surgery has an advancement over lasik surgery in its ability to map 22,000 points on cornea using corneal topography and wavefront analysis, providing a customised procedure for the patients. Lasik surgery also uses corneal mapping, but it takes into account 200 points which is less compared to the contoura vision surgery.
  • The standard lasik surgery is mostly based on glasses or prescription lenses which is inferior to the technological advancement of contoura vision surgery. 
  • Contoura is an advanced surgery and it is not limited to vision correction. Rather, the technique is also used to treat abnormalities in cornea curvature.

Contoura vision surgery is approved by the US FDA for vision correction. It has enhanced diagnostic capabilities capable of providing personalised treatment for vision problems. 

4. Pros and Cons of Lasik and Contoura Vision Surgeries 

Lasik Vision Surgery



It is quick and safe. Not everyone is eligible due to age factor.
The surgery outcome is faster. Lasik surgery risks are possible.
You can live without glasses or contacts after the treatment. There is a slight chance that you will need lasik again.
The vision will be greatly improved.  The flaps are injured during the procedure.


Contoura Vision Surgery



Provides high quality vision Not approved for any resurgery
Fewer side effects Range for vision correction is limited
Removes less tissue
Beneficial for patients with astigmatism

How Many Types of LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is the best treatment for correcting your vision problems if you suffer from nearsightedness, astigmatism, or astigmatism. There are different types of LASIK surgery, generally following the same procedure but may have different or more cutting-edge technology. LASIK eye surgery is successful with rare complications. However, the side effects of LASIK eye surgery are not permanent.

There are many advanced forms of LASIK surgeries owing to medical technological advancements. Some advanced forms of LASIK surgery are Femto LASIK and Contoura Vision. Both are advanced forms of LASIK surgery that utilize laser technology to correct vision. The main points that differentiate both are the method and technology used. The choice between the two Femto LASIK Vs Contoura Vision depends upon many factors; thus, it is best to consult an experienced ophthalmologist.

Femto LASIK Vs Contoura Vision – The Difference

Femto LASIK and Contoura Vision are advanced forms of LASIK surgery, which aim to correct refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. Both kinds of LASIK surgeries differ in terms of the approach used in them to reshape the cornea.

About Femto LASIK

It is an advanced form of traditional LASIK that uses a potentially safer Femtosecond laser to create a corneal flap, leading to more precision. It is an advanced blade-free process. There are many benefits and side effects of Femto LASIK eye surgery side effects:

Benefits of Femto LASIK Surgery:

  • This surgery offers fast results.
  • It is very gentle on the corneal layer.
  • The procedure works precisely to create a consistent corneal flap.

Side effects include:

  • Shows a temporary decrease in tear production.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Experience minor fluctuations in vision.
  • Mild burning or discomfort in eyes.
  • Significant visual disturbances.

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About Contoura Vision

Also known as topography-guided LASIK, it takes customization to an updated level. The procedure uses detailed topographical mapping of a person’s cornea that guides the laser to reshape it. With this technique, your eyes will be scanned and mapped to create a custom treatment plan for the best possible results. There are many benefits and side effects of Contoura vision surgery:

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in your dependence on glasses.
  • Improved night visions.
  • Reduced dry eye symptoms.
  • Reduce the risk of developing cataracts. 
  • Enhanced color perception.
  • Treat many vision issues.

Side effects include:

  • Dry eyes 
  • Blurry vision
  • Double visions
  • Galre
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eye pain

Which One to Choose?

Choosing between both depends upon many factors. Eye health is the main factor, as both techniques need some eye health. Eye specialists will first determine that your cornea should have sufficient thickness and that eyes should be free of diseases like glaucoma, eye dryness, etc. There is also a need for specific vision as Femto LASIK is done if your eyes are fine; if you have subtle irregularities, then Contoura Vision is preferred as it offers a better outcome by correcting issues.

If your job demands superior vision, then you should choose Contoura Vision, as it improves the quality of vision. Both have many benefits and side effects, so it is vital to discuss them with a doctor in advance. Among the two, the Contoura Vision surgery procedure is more expensive than Femto LASIK because of its advanced technology and additional testing that is included.

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5. Takeaway

This brief discussion provides an overview of two types of vision correction surgeries – lasik surgery and contoura vision surgeries. Though both techniques have their own pros and cons, contoura has been effective for many patients where tissue damage is relatively less. 

For more information, contact Dr Deepa Gupta, the best eye specialist, with over 8 years of experience in several vision correction treatment techniques. She has published research works related to cataract and refractive surgeries.

Before deciding between the two, discuss all details with your ophthalmologist; however, both types of LASIK surgeries represent an advancement in the field of laser surgery, and both have outstanding results in treating refractive errors. Femto LASIK, on the other hand, is considered best because of its precision in creating the corneal flap, enhancing safety, and reducing complications.

On the other hand, Contoura Vision takes personalization to different heights by using detailed topographical mapping of the patient‘s cornea to guide the reshaping procedure if you seek the best eye specialist, conduit Dr Deepa Gupta, who has more than eight years of experience in correcting refractive errors.

6. FAQs 

1. Is Contoura vision better than lasik?

Contoura vision treatment provides 22,000 mapping points of the corneal curvature compared to lasik surgery which is limited to 200. This gives an advantage over lasik in better performance and effective correction of refractive error.

2. Is contoura vision surgery safe?

Countora vision surgery has a technical advancement over lasik surgery in mapping the corneal curvature, giving it substantial leverage over other techniques in providing better results and broader scope. Moreover, contoura vision surgery is approved by US FDA for its higher safety in vision correction procedure.

3. Are Femto LASIK and Contoura Vision Same?

However, both Femto LASIK and Contoura Vision are the types of LASIK surgery that aim to correct vision, but they are not the same. Contoura vision is a specific type of surgery that utilizes advanced mapping technology, and on the other hand, Femto LASIK uses a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap.

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