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Vision problems, weak eyesight, hazy vision, and trouble seeing movements or obstacles are troublesome and can make daily chores a struggle. A majority of people across the world experience such troubles at some point in time. Wearing spectacles and contact lenses make affordable and common aids to correct vision, but they can be uncomfortable to wear. Thus, many people undergo LASIK eye surgery to get rid of bulky spectacles. However, one common question that strikes the mind of patients planning to undergo LASIK surgery is- how long does it last? We have gone a whole nine yards to find the answer to this question for all those planning to undergo a LASIK treatment. Before we uncover the answer to this question, let’s get some understanding of the procedure. 

What is LASIK, and how does it work?

LASIK is a surgical procedure in which an eye surgeon works to reshape the cornea in the eye using laser technology. A change in the curvature of the cornea helps promote clear vision and remove discomfort. 

LASIK is a small surgical procedure and usually takes a few minutes to complete. During the procedure, the patient is made to lie on a reclining chair, and a numbing eye drop is put into the eye. An eye surgeon will use a clip to keep your eyelids apart and place a suction ring on the eye. Thereafter, your surgeon will create a hinged flap from the front of the eye to get access to the part of the retina that needs to be reshaped. A programmed laser machine here helps reshape the retina of your eye to improve vision. Once the corneal reshaping is done, the flap is placed back in its original position and sealed with a medicated liquid. It gets attached to the cornea itself without stitches. 

What to expect after a LASIK surgery?

Since LASIK is an invasive surgery, you may feel irritation, pain, or discomfort soon after the procedure. You may have watery eyes and would even want to rub your eyes. Don’t! Rubbing your eyes to relieve irritation and discomfort can displace the hinged flap creating the need for further treatment. Also, you may experience blurry vision and experience sensitivity to light. These symptoms are generally mild, and your surgeon can prescribe you some pain relievers and antibiotics to lower discomfort and prevent infections. It’s best to take an off from work for the initial few days until these symptoms subside. Also, consult your doctor if these symptoms persist for longer or cause discomfort. 

How long does LASIK take?

LASIK is a surgical procedure, and there may be some complexities involved. Besides, each patient is unique. Thus the time required for LASIK may vary for each patient depending on several factors. Generally, it may take 7 minutes to 10 minutes for the procedure to get complete. However, some steps involved in the preparation may take an extra couple of minutes apart from the actual time required for the surgery. 

How long does LASIK last?

When it comes to LASIK, one of the commonly asked questions is whether the results are permanent, or for how long do they last? Well, there are both short-term and long-term benefits associated with the surgery. By saying short-term, we refer to the improvement in the vision patients experience after 4 to 5 hours of the surgery. After taking precautions and proper rest for two or three days, you can resume your daily activities with a new and improved vision.  Considering the long-term benefits, LASIK can help you maintain a clear vision for 10, 20, or more years, depending on your health. In short, LASIK promotes permanent results; however, you may feel a little haziness in your vision over the years due to age and macular degeneration. 


Hazy vision is not only discomforting but can take a toll on daily life, as with weak or improper vision, doing everyday chores can be a struggle. Also, most spectacle wearers want to take out the burden over their nose bridge, and in such cases, LASIK allows them to enjoy clear vision without carrying bulky glasses over their faces. LASIK provides permanent results and makes an excellent treatment option for those having vision problems. However, you must ensure to get it done by an expert surgeon. After all, it is a matter of your delicate eyes. Dr. Deepa Gupta is one of the best eye surgeons in Gurgaon and holds the expertise of over 13 years in the field of ophthalmology. 


In how much time after the LASIK can I see clearly?

You are advised to avoid putting strain on your eyes soon after the procedure. However, you will be able to feel the difference and clarity in your vision after 4-5 hours of the procedure. 

Does LASIK wear off after 10 years?

It’s a widespread myth that LASIK wears off after 10 years. Rather, it renders permanent results which may even last a lifetime. However, it’s normal to experience a slight blurriness in your vision over the years as you age.

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