How many types of keratoconus treatment cost

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How much does keratoconus treatment cost

Usually, the cornea is dome-shaped. Keratoconus is an eye condition in which the cornea thins out and bulges like a cone. This change in the shape of the cornea brings light rays out of focus, leads to blurry vision, and makes daily tasks like reading or driving difficult. Tiny fibres of protein in your eye called collagen help by holding the cornea in place. When these fibres get weak, they cannot stay in their shape. Your cornea gets more and more cone-shaped. It occurs when you don’t have protective antioxidants in your cornea. Its cells produce harmful byproducts that antioxidants eliminate and protect the collagen fibres. But when levels are low, the collagen weakens, and the cornea bulges. The keratoconus treatment cost depends upon the severity and the type of treatments required. You should book an appointment with an expert doctor to diagnose, monitor, and manage the diseases on time.

The leading cause of Keratoconus 

The cause of Keratoconus is unknown as, in many cases, it develops without any reason. As per studies, many environmental and genetic factors can develop it. Specific reasons for Keratoconus might be hard to understand, but several risk factors are linked. Some are:

  • Eye rubbing,
  • Sleep apnea
  • Ageing
  • Chronic eye Inflammation
  •  Family history
  • Other conditions like Connective tissue disorders, Floppy eyelid syndrome, Retinitis pigmentosa, and Down syndrome.

Symptoms of Keratoconus 

The main symptoms of Keratoconus are:

  •  Vision in one or both eyes worsens over time, especially in late adolescence.
  •  A person may experience double vision when looking with just one eye, even with glasses.
  •  Vision slowly becomes distorted.

Some other symptoms are

  • Astigmatism,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Difficulty seeing in Dim light,
  • Distorted vision,
  • Double vision,
  • Glare,
  • Nearsightedness,
  • Ring of Discoloration on the Front of the Eye,
  • Sensitivity to light,
  • Vision Loss.

In some people who have Keratoconus, both eyes are eventually affected.

Diagnose of Keratoconus

To diagnose Keratoconus, your eye specialist will review your medical and family history and conduct an eye exam. They may also prescribe other tests to determine more details regarding the shape of your cornea. Tests to diagnose Keratoconus include

  • Pentacam computerised corneal mapping

This is one of the special photographic tests, known as corneal tomography and corneal topography, that is performed and records images to create a detailed shape map of your cornea. It also measures the thickness of your cornea and can often detect early signs of Keratoconus before the disease is visible by slit-lamp examination. The test is performed to produce a detailed description of the shape and power of the cornea.

  • Keratometry

It is the corneal curvature measurement done by an expert eye specialist focusing on a circle of light on your cornea. The test measures the reflection and determines your cornea’s basic shape. If you have Keratoconus, then the Images of keratometry will be steep, highly astigmatic, irregular, and appear egg-shaped instead of circular or oval in Keratoconus.

  • Eye refraction test

In this test, your eye expert will use specially designed equipment to measure your eyes to check for vision problems. They may ask you to look through a device containing wheels of different lenses to determine which combination gives you the sharpest vision. Some doctors may also use the hand-held instrument known as a retinoscope to check your eyes.

  • Slit lamp examination 

The test is done by an expert doctor that directs a vertical beam of light on the surface of your eye and uses a low-powered microscope to view your eye and to determine the cause. They evaluate the shape of your cornea and look for other potential issues in your eye.


Consequences of untreated Keratoconus?

The Keratoconus can permanently lead to total vision loss if left untreated and ignored. The changes in the cornea make it difficult for the eye to focus with or without eyeglasses or standard soft contact lenses. This eye condition can be dangerous if laser vision correction surgery is performed on the eye because it can worsen the condition.

Treatment of Keratoconus 

There are many methods for treating Keratoconus, and the keratoconus treatment cost depends on the severity of the condition and the required treatment. The early stage of the condition can be treated with regular eyeglasses or soft contact lenses, but when the condition worsens at later stages, it may need other treatment types. Some patients can also need surgery if they have an advanced stage of the condition and do not have proper sight, even with glasses or contact lenses.

Treatment of Keratoconus at Lall Eyecare

Lall eye care has a renowned doctor Dr Deepa Gupta, who has the expertise and experience to treat Keratoconus. It is a condition in which the cornea develops a cone-shaped bulge that is properly bilateral and asymmetrical and affects both eyes. The clinic is among the best, offering highly customised eye care solutions. Dr Deepa Gupta provides many treatment procedures to treat Keratoconus. After diagnosing the condition based on the findings, she chooses the best treatment option for you. The treatment options can only be decided after the proper diagnosis by the top ophthalmologist . they can treat the condition with

  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses 

If your Keratoconus is diagnosed at an early stage and the progression is mild, it can be improved using eyeglasses and contact lenses. There are many types of lenses available to improve vision.

  • Hard gas permeable lens

If your condition progresses, an expert doctor will recommend a hard gas permeable lens, a hard contact lens that helps retain the spherical shape back.

Intacs corneal rings

This treatment is the recent standard approach for keratoconus therapy. The inserts are inserted in the corneal stroma, leading to a flatter cornea and more excellent vision.

  • Corneal collagen crosslinking 

It is a method that comprises the use of rich eye drops. During the process, the doctor first saturated these eye drops and then treated them with UV radiation.

  • Corneal transplant 

This surgery is done at advanced stages of corneal damage in which contact lens therapies and prescription lenses are useless. The keratoconus surgery cost depends on various factors. At Lall, eye care keratoconus surgery is available at the best and most affordable cost.

At Lall eye care, the expert performs C3R and CXL eye surgery, which doesn’t correct refractive errors in your eyes. It assists in maintaining the current vision level and prevents it from degrading. This eye surgery is stable and less invasive. Dr Deepa Gupta, an expert doctor expertise in crosslinking surgery and makes it one of the most reputed clinics for Keratoplasty.

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