Can Pregnancy result in Blurred Vision?

September 21, 2022 0

Can Pregnancy result in Blurred Vision?



Pregnancy is the most exciting yet demanding time period in a woman’s life. Among several physical and emotional changes occurring within you, pregnancy may also affect your eyes and the quality of your vision. Do not panic, it is normal to experience blurry vision during pregnancy which usually improves by itself after the birth of the baby, but it is very important to see a good ophthalmologist, in order to prevent any complications which may be sometimes associated with it.

Let us, through this article, know some more details about blurred vision during pregnancy, the reasons for its cause, how it can be managed, and the importance of timely consultation with an ophthalmologist.

What does blurry vision during pregnancy mean?

Blurry vision, while you are pregnant, relates to deterioration in your capability of seeing during pregnancy. The extent to which it may affect you, would differ among individuals and may vary from seeing the objects a little less sharper than before to making normal activities difficult without any aid like glasses or eye drops etc. Blurred vision may occur:

  • In one or both eyes.
  • In only some parts of your field of vision like only your side vision may be blurred.

What causes blurred vision during pregnancy?

There are a lot of hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy that supports your growing baby inside the womb. These hormones may cause retention of the fluids and thus the extra fluid may result in headaches and blurred vision during pregnancy. There is also lowered immunity which may result in vision issues. Blurred vision during pregnancy occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Due to the change in the shape and thickness of your cornea. ( Transparent front part of your eye)
  • The production of tears may be reduced which results in dry eyes and thus poor vision.
  • Due to increased pressure inside your eyes which in turn affects your ability to see.

See an ophthalmologist, to know the cause so that you can take corrective measures to manage your vision issue properly.

When do the blurry eyes during pregnancy start?

There is no fixed time period as to when the vision issues begin during pregnancy. As hormonal changes start right from the early stages, blurry vision during pregnancy can be experienced at any point through the pregnancy period. It varies among individuals, some women have vision issues even before they get to know that they are pregnant, some have blurred vision during pregnancy in the second trimester or third trimester and many do not have it at all. Usually, this subsides after the birth of the baby yet sometimes some may also suffer from blurred eyesight months after delivery.

Can blurry vision while pregnant be a complication?

Usually, blurry vision at the time of pregnancy is not a complication but a normal side effect associated with hormonal changes. But its proper evaluation by an ophthalmologist and a gynecologist is important because this can be a sign of complications like:

  • Gestational or pregnancy diabetes: High blood sugar developed during pregnancy.
  • Preeclampsia: High blood pressure and proteins in the urine.

Both these conditions cause vision problems and can be risky for you and the baby, therefore always consult a reputed ophthalmologist so that you can be prescribed the needed treatment on time to avoid any complications due to blurry vision while you are pregnant.

What can be the treatment for blurry vision during pregnancy?

After you consult a good ophthalmologist, he or she will evaluate the cause and condition of your blurry eyes and accordingly recommend treatment.

They may give you some eye drops which may lubricate your dry, itchy, and painful eyes and thus improve your vision, teach you some eye exercises, or may prescribe you glasses for some time to help you to see clearly. Your ophthalmologist may instruct you to:

  • Stop wearing contact lenses for some time which may irritate and make your eyes dry.
  • Limit your screen time to prevent the harmful effects of blue light on your eyes.
  • Do some eye exercises to make your eye muscles strong, thus improving your eyesight.
  • Use well-lit areas to read or do anything requiring more eye focus.
  • Take enough sleep to provide adequate rest to your eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.

When should I consult my doctor for blurred vision during pregnancy?

See your ophthalmologist as soon as you experience any vision issues even if it is mild and you think you can manage on your own. It is the most important and foremost step you must take to get proper and timely treatment and avoid any further complications due to blurry eyes while you are pregnant.


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